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Are Root Canal Procedures Dangerous?

From hearing stories of pain to infections afterwards, I have to say, I've been leery of root canals. I recently listened to Dr. Robert Kulacz on the Holistic Oral Health Summit. His interview was called Medical Alert: … [Read More...]

Mold Toxicity. I Am So Upset!

I'm so upset! Let me give you a background before explaining why I'm so upset. As I've mentioned in a previous post, we recently moved into a new place. What I didn't mention in that post was that our previous house was … [Read More...]

14 Unexpected Things to Look for When Buying a House

As I mentioned in a recent post, my husband and I have been in the process of moving. We finally moved into our new place a little over a month ago.   Buying a Toxic Free House Our move wasn't the easiest process … [Read More...]

Living with Mold Illness

According to Dr. Mercola, "Mold illness may be the most prominent health problem physicians are missing today — a "hidden" pandemic that's sweeping the nation." Millions are suffering from mysterious illnesses with a variety … [Read More...]

How to Take Charge of Your Health – Upcoming Online Health Summits

If you have been following this blog for some time, you know that I love to fill you in on online health summits! Why? Summits are a great, inexpensive (even free) way to learn more about the cutting edge of health from top … [Read More...]


Recipe: Gluten Free Crock Pot Lasagna

When we're having company and I need a larger dish, lasagna is a good option. I love using a crock pot! I can make the meal in the morning, or around lunch time so I'm not busy getting the dinner ready right before company … Read More...

You May Be Looking for Gluten-free Halloween Candy, but Is That All You Should Be Concerned With?

Wow, it's that time of year again! Pretty soon kids will be at your door yelling "trick-or-treat". Why not give them a real treat this year and not a trick - harmful candy? As a kid, I remember running up and down the … Read More...

Real Food Recipe Roundup for the 4th of July

I love summer! Just the thought of warm weather, beaches, picnics and barbecue's makes me smile. For those of us in the United States, July 4th is a big holiday, celebrated with fireworks and parties. In honor of the 4th … Read More...

So Many Recipes for Watermelon! Who Knew?

I love watermelon - especially during the summer!  Typically, I just cut a watermelon up into square pieces and store them in the fridge, so whenever I crave a bowl, it's an easy treat. I also like to take watermelon to … Read More...

10 Reasons Why I Am Excited About Youngevity!

It's hard to believe, but this time last year Beyond Organic was in transition to merge with Youngevity. As with any merger, there is typically some apprehension - not knowing how everything would work out. I am happy to say … Read More...