Organic, Raw, Gluten-Free Snacks, Crackers and Cookies

Calling All Vegans (and all others who want to eat healthy and raw)

Beyond Organic EA Live FoodAre you looking for a raw, organic, gluten-free, easily digestible, grainless snack, cracker, or cookie?  Look no further!  Beyond Organic has a new healthy, product line to enjoy – EA Live™ Foods.

Snack right with Beyond Organic’s certified organic, raw, nutrient dense, gluten-free foods.

Also, be sure to check out Beyond Organic’s new living, lacto-fermented NuVino™ Beverages which go great with the EA Live Food!


Beyond Organic Now Offers Organic, Raw, Living, Healthy Snacks


Beyond Organic’s EA Live foods stand for Enzymatic Activation.  “EA is Beyond Organic’s proprietary process for increasing enzyme content in nuts and seeds and improving digestibility while reducing anti-nutrients and nutrient inhibitors.  All Beyond Organic Live Foods are created through this technique to provide greater nutrition and digestibility.”

Beyond Organic takes great care in providing healthy, raw snacks.  Their raw snacks take between 2 – 4 days to make.  They preserve the enzymatic activity by air drying at less than 105 degrees (F).  When they have sweetened some products, they do it with evaporated coconut nectar which is low on the glycemic index.

Give some of these highly nutritious, easily digestible, raw snacks a try today!


EA Live GranolaEA Live™ Foods

  • EA Live Granola Cinnamon Raisin (6 oz.)
  • EA Live Granola Dark Chocolate (6 oz.)
  • EA Live Granola Ginger Coconut (6 oz.)
  • EA Live Granola Sweet Greens (6 oz.)
  • EA Live Cookies Chocolate Fudge (4 oz.)
  • EA Live Cookies Gingerbread (4 oz.)
  • EA Live Omega Crackers Seven Seed (4 oz.)
  • EA Live Omega Crackers Veggie Ranch (4 oz.)
  • EA Live Sunflower Seeds Ginger Spice (3 oz.)
  • EA Live Pumpkin Seeds Mexican Pepitas (3 oz.)
  • EA Live Almonds Sweet BBQ (3 oz.)
  • EA Live Cashews Zesty Ranch (3 oz.)
  • EA Live Walnuts Chocolate (3 oz.)
  • EA Live Pecans Cinnamon (3 oz.)
  • EA Live Sprouted Seven Blend (8 oz.)


Jordan Rubin Explains the Details of EA Live Food and NuVino Beverages



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