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Whether you're a do-it-yourself'er by nature, you're looking to save money on products, or you're wanting to learn about harmful household products that you should ditch in order to create a healthier home,

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I'm Teresa and I've made a 180 degree turn with the household products and personal care items I use and the food I eat. I want to share the things I've done with you so you and your family can also live a more natural lifestyle.

Living Natural Today is a resource for those looking to create a more natural home and live a healthier lifestyle.

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How Do You Go to the Bathroom Without Setting Off the Automatic Air Freshener?

I enjoy visiting the Western & Southern Open in Cincinnati each year. I love that the tennis greats practically play in our backyard! The grounds at the Lindner Tennis Center are well maintained;  however, on my recent visit, I was horrified at what I saw when I used the restroom. An automatic air freshener dispenser was […]

You Might Think They Smell Nice, But Are Candles Toxic? Try These Healthier Options

Candles. They’re great to use for light when the power goes out. They’re relaxing and their warm glow is romantic. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and scents. But while you’re using a scented candle to cover up unpleasant odors, do you really know what you’re inhaling? Are candles toxic? Are Candles Toxic? Personally, […]

The Many Benefits of Herbal Tea Along with Essential Tea Brewing Guide

Herbal teas have been used for their health benefits for hundreds of years. They have slowly been coming back into fashion as people develop a more conscious and mindful lifestyle – and as more research is done to show their benefits. And with the advent of the internet, you are able to source good quality products […]

A Personalized Vitamin Plan Can Keep You Healthy and Fit

We all live stressful lives which affect our health and daily life. Many people work a lot of hours each day and lose energy, the capacity to stay focused, the ability to fulfill their tasks in a timely manner and their immune system is also weakened. Sponsored Post: This is a sponsored post. The views […]

5 Natural Beauty Tips For Gorgeous Skin And Hair

This is a Guest Post:  We appreciate guest authors. However, the viewpoints expressed in this blog post may, or may not necessarily reflect the viewpoints of Living Natural Today. A lot of people care about how their skin and hair looks. But no matter how desperate you are to get that gorgeous look, you can’t […]