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I'm Teresa and I've made a 180 degree turn with the household products and personal care items I use and the food I eat. I want to share the things I've done with you so you and your family can also live a more natural lifestyle.

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Why You Should Pay Greater Attention to the Everyday Household Products You Buy

When shopping for everyday household products, what do you tend to consider? Do you look for the best price, or name/brand recognition? Do you take into consideration a commercial you watched, a review you read on a website, or a personal recommendation from a friend? To be honest, back in the day, that’s how I […]

How to Stay Fit and Toned – 5 Simple Steps

You have taken your weight off, and you have more energy than ever before! You’ve learned to eat better, and now you’re thinking about how to stay in shape and trim. This is actually a frequent question for some because if you don’t stay with your routine, you’ll find that weight steadily sneaking up again. […]

What If Healthy Living Didn’t Have to Be So Hard?

It’s time for healthy living! We all want to improve our health. We want to have energy to do the things that really matter to us. We want our bodies to feel healthy and strong. So why aren’t we healthier? Reality is we’re busy. We spend hours at work, we feed our families, we do […]

The Ultimate Resource Guide for Overcoming Toxic Mold

Do you have mold in your home? Maybe you notice it near your faucets, or on your window sill. Maybe you don’t physically see it because it’s in your attic, behind your wall, or in the crevices of your basement. Mold loves to grow quickly in damp, dark, warm, non-ventilated environments. Most indoor environments will […]

My Heart Goes Out To Texas

Seeing the images and news reports coming out of southeast Texas this past week have been difficult and also heartening. Nobody wants to see anyone go through all that Texans just went through to have their lives turned upside down in an instant. But after the storm, the news reports became heartening as we watched […]

Vegan, Gluten-Free Chicken Recipe That Is Deliciously Good

This is a Guest Post:  We appreciate guest authors!  However, the viewpoints expressed in this blog post may, or may not necessarily reflect the viewpoints of Living Natural Today. Are you doubtful regarding the taste of a vegan and gluten-free dish? Well, don’t be, as gluten-free and vegan recipes can be mouth-watering delicacies as well. […]

Using Pest Predators for Garden Pest Control

This is a Guest Post:  We appreciate guest authors!  However, the viewpoints expressed in this blog post may, or may not necessarily reflect the viewpoints of Living Natural Today. The use of artificial pest controls has severe disadvantages that can affect your plants, soil, and your health. According to an article from the Oregon State […]

The Benefits of Yoga

Most people know that yoga can reduce stress and increase flexibility, but it does much more than help you find inner peace by twisting your body into almost impossible positions. Sponsored Post: This is a sponsored post. While Living Natural Today received payment for the post, I only accept sponsored posts from those whom I […]